All in a Late Night’s Work: Senate Passes Tax Bill

At approximately 2:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, the Senate passed its tax reform bill with a vote of 51-49. Changes to the bill, including some handwritten into the document, were made leading up to the final vote. The only Republican to vote against the bill was Senator Bob Corker who has continued concerns regarding the estimated $1+ trillion deficit over the next 10 years. Corker made many last-minute demands to offset the deficit and dramatically held court on the Senate floor for nearly an hour. However, those concerns did not block former holdout Senator Jeff Flake from his “yea” vote after he was reportedly promised a “growth-oriented legislative solution” to protect recipients of the DACA program. All Senate Democrats voted no to the bill. The bill now goes to the conference committee with the House to reconcile the differences between the two versions.

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