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Employee Benefits

2017-12-19 – Compensation and Benefits Provisions in the Final Tax Cuts Bill

2017-11-06 – Tax Cut and Run Employee Benefits Change Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Energy Tax

2017-12-19 – Final Tax Reform Bill Released – What does it Mean for the Energy Sector?

2017-11-16 – A Comparison of the Energy Tax Changes in the Proposed House and Senate Tax Reform Bills

2017-11-07 – Energy Tax Changes Proposed by House Republicans Tax Reform Bill


2018-01-04 – Tax Reform Bill – Changes to Section 529 Qualified Tuition Programs and Section 529A Qualified ABLE Programs

2017-12-27 – Section 162(q) Raises Questions about Deductibility of Employment Settlements

2017-12-27 – SEC Staff Provides Disclosure and Accounting Guidance in Response to Recent Tax Reform Legislation

2017-12-22 – Party Like It’s 1986: Business Impacts of the Bill Formerly Known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

2017-12-19 – Tax Reform Provisions Affecting BDCs and Closed-End Funds

2017-11-28 – Tax Reform Executive Summary – A 2-Pager on the 7 Things You Need to Know

2017-11-16 – Reconciling the Differences, the Senate Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

2017-11-09 – Sometimes Smaller Is Better—How H.R. 1 Offers Small Businesses Welcome Flexibility

2017-11-07 – How a Framework Becomes a Law: House Republicans Release Tax Reform Bill

Insurance Tax

2017-11-14 – Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill Update: Major Insurance Industry Changes

2017-11-08 – Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill: Major Insurance Industry Changes

International Tax

2017-12-19 – Following the Senate’s Lead – The International Tax Provisions for the Final Bill

2017-11-22 – Worldwide Territoriality: International Tax Proposals Broaden the Base

State and Local Tax

2017-11-10 – The State and Local Tax Implications of Federal Tax Reform

Tax Accounting

2017-12-20 – The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Final Cut: A Methods-Based Review of the Tax Bill

2017-11-28 – The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Take Three: A Methods-Based Review of the Senate’s Initial Draft of Tax Reform Legislation

2017-11-13 – The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Take Two: A Methods-Based Comparison of the Senate and House’s Tax Reform Plans

2017-11-07 – The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Take One: A Methods-Based Overview of the Initial Draft of the House Tax Bill