House Ways and Means Committee Democrats Critical of Republicans’ Joint Statement on Tax Reform

In response to Congressional Republicans’ and the Trump Administration’s unveiling of their joint statement on taxes, several Democratic members of the House Ways and Means Committee issued condemnatory press releases:

Ranking Member Richard Neal expressed his disappointment over the Republicans’ decision to exclude Democrats from the tax reform process, stating that partisan tax reform is doomed to fail.  Rep. Neal suggested that he and his fellow Democrats are ready to cooperate with Republicans to make tax reform a reality.

Neal Statement on GOP Tax Reform Update

Lloyd Doggett criticized the joint statement as a step toward widening the income gap.  He noted, in dismissing the idea that the tax cut would pay for itself, that the abandonment of the controversial border adjustment tax created a trillion dollar deficit toward funding tax reform.

‘Deep Six’ Republican Superrich Sequel

Sandy Levin argued, based on the vagueness of the joint statement, that the GOP has no tax reform plan at all, but that previous proposals by the White House and Congressional Republican’s indicate their preference for tax reform that will benefit the wealthy over the middle class.

 Levin Statement on GOP Tax Reform Update

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