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Ways and Means Committee Hears Testimony on Simplifying the Broken Tax Code

On Wednesday July 19th, the House Ways and Means Tax Policy Subcommittee, led by Subcommittee Chairman Peter Roskam, held a hearing on tax reform, titled “How Tax Reform Will Simplify Our Broken Tax Code and Help Individual Families.”  The hearing focused on individual tax reform.   Subcommittee Chairman Roskam, in his opening statement, touted the introduction of a postcard-sized  individual tax return which eliminates all but two deductions and significantly reduces the number of tax brackets.  The prepared Opening Statement is available here. The witnesses offering testimony before the...
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Republicans Close to a Unified Tax Reform Framework

House Speaker Paul Ryan, addressing an audience at the New Balance shoe factory in Massachusetts, stated that White House and Congressional leaders are nearing agreement on a tax reform framework.  Speaker Ryan suggested that lowering the current corporate tax rate of 35 percent to a 20 percent rate, through the closing of loopholes and special interest deductions, is a realistic goal.  He did not mention the border adjustment tax as a means to pay for lower corporate tax rates, which may indicate that the House GOP is conceding the controversial proposal. Ryan says us tax reform consensus...
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House Committee Approves 2018 Budget Resolution

The House Budget Committee, with members voting along party lines, voted to send the recently introduced budget resolution to the House floor for consideration by the full chamber.  Opposition is anticipated not only from Democratic members, but also from within the GOP rank and file, with Republican moderates disagreeing with the proposed steep cuts and Republican conservatives arguing that the cuts are not large enough.  Both the House and the Senate must approve the measure to access the reconciliation process, which would allow the passage of tax reform in the Senate by majority vote. ...
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White House Reconsidering Corporate Tax Rate Goal

The Trump Administration, according to White House officials and advisors, is considering a corporate tax rate of 20 percent to 25 percent.  While this estimate is higher than the 15 percent rate set forth in the Administration’s one-page tax proposal issued in April, one senior administration official explained that the April figure was a starting point for negotiations, with the ultimate goal of a corporate tax rate near 20 percent.   President Trump is expected to begin campaigning in support of a unified Republican tax reform plan next month, which White House and Congressional leaders,...
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House Republicans Disclose Budget Plan

The House GOP has unveiled its budget plan, calling for extensive cuts in federal spending, including federal employee benefits, financial industry regulations and welfare expenditures, that total over $200B.  Along with anticipated accelerated economic growth, these cuts are intended to produce a balanced budget over the next decade.  While divisions among the House Republicans make it difficult to predict if the budget can survive a floor vote, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney has strongly endorsed the blueprint, stating that “… this budget lays a pathway for Congress to pass and...
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House Ways and Means Committee Plans to Permit Interest Deductions for Small Businesses

Rep. Peter Roskam, the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Tax Policy for the House Ways and Means Committee, has commented that they are “actively working” to exempt small businesses from the provision contemplated by the House Republican Blueprint that would deny deductions for net interest expense.  The Chairman noted that they are sensitive to those who have no access to capital except through borrowing, such as farmers, and that the tax code should ensure those businesses maintain their ability to borrow. With respect to the proposed 25% tax rate for pass-through businesses, the Chairman...
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