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Tax Reform for Christmas

Despite controversy surrounding the border adjustment tax proposal, House Speaker Paul Ryan hopes that Congress will present a tax reform bill to the president by the December 23rd recess. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin shared the same goal earlier this week, stating that the objective is to accomplish tax reform by year’s end. Paul Ryan Wants to put Reform on Trump’s Desk by Christmas
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Brady Suggests Reports of Border Adjustment Tax’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, acknowledging the dissension surrounding the border adjustment tax, remains stalwart that it is a “critical” component of the House GOP’s tax reform agenda. Chairman Brady reports working with the White House and the Senate to resolve opposition to the plan, projected to raise nearly a trillion dollars in revenue to offset a proposed corporate tax rate cut. Border Adjustment Tax is ‘Critical’ Part of Tax Reform, Chief GOP Tax Writer...
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Border Adjustment Tax Faces Looming Demise

House Speaker Paul Ryan, on Wednesday, acknowledged that tax reform legislation could exclude a border tax provision.  The controversial tax has faced criticism from several fronts, including some of Ryan’s fellow House Republicans, as well as the Senate and the White House.  Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has confirmed that President Trump is not in favor of backing a border adjustment tax, and Mnuchin expressed his desire for the House to move past the proposal for the sake of overall tax reform. Read more: Border-Adjustment Tax Proposal at Death’s...
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Ways and Means Committee Hears Testimony on Border Adjustment Tax

On Tuesday, May 23rd, the House Ways and Means Committee, led by Chairman Kevin Brady, held its second hearing on tax reform, entitled “Increasing U.S. Competitiveness and Preventing American Jobs from Moving Overseas.”  The hearing concentrated on the practicality and effects of the proposed border adjustment tax on the economy.  Chairman Brady was critical of the ‘Made in America’ tax on domestic products and tax breaks for foreign goods.  Chairman Brady’s prepared Opening Statement is available here.  Ranking minority member Richard Neal, while supporting bipartisanship and the need for a...
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Joint Committee on Taxation Releases Report on Destination-Based Taxes and Border Adjustment.

In anticipation of the House Ways and Means Committee hearing on the border adjustment tax included in the House Republicans’ Blueprint, the Joint Committee on Taxation has released a report on destination-based taxes and border adjustment. The report discusses the rationale behind destination-based taxes and describes various proposals for destination-based taxes leading up to the Blueprint. The report also summarizes papers on the economic theory behind border adjustment and why it is theoretically trade neutral. It notes, however, that such studies do not necessarily speak to the...
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Koch Brothers to Push for Focus on Tax Reform

Billionaire Industrialists Charles and David Koch, via their Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners groups, will invest millions in the coming months to drive the conservative tax reform agenda amidst the Trump Administration’s distractions.  The Koch network has released a set of guidelines for change, mainly consistent with the White House proposal, condemning the contemplated border adjustment tax while promoting lower corporate rates and the elimination of certain deductions.  Kochs Unveil Campaign to ‘Jolt’ Stalled Tax Debate...
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